The Kymera Body Board is the world’s first electric jet-propelled body board, able to launch a rider at 30kph across the water!


The Kymera is the easiest of all our jet boards to ride - as long as you're tall enough to reach the trigger (about 150cm tall), just pull the trigger and away you go!


Steering is just a matter of using your legs as rudders and shifting your lower body weight to make some amazing turns!


It's difficult to fall off, making it ideal for riders who are not confident on standup boards, or in the water generally.


With a tough roto-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) body, robust engineering and stainless steel and anodized aluminum parts, the Kymera is tough enough to withstand years of fun and action.


And at only 2.1m long and 21kg weight (plus 11kg battery), it's easy to store, transport, carry and launch at your nearest lake, river or beach.


All Kymera packages include everything you need to be up and running fast - battery in a hard carry case, charger, maintenance kit and loads of fun!

Kymera Electric Body Board Package